Spielkurs Pipenbock 2024 - Kurswochenende für traditionelle Musik

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                              Pipenbock 2024 - Jon Swayne - Dudelsack

Jon Swayne
...has worked as a piper and pipemaker since 1980. He was a co-founder of the group Blowzabella. He subsequently founded the bagpipe trio Moebius and the six pipes and percussion group Zephyrus for both of which groups he wrote all the repertoire. He has also worked for many years in a duo with accordionist Becky Price, part of the focus of which was to explore early English dance music. He has considerable experience as a workshop leader both as part of Blowzabella workshop weekends and on his own.

Dudelsack halbgeschlossen

workshopsprache: Englisch,

We will work mainly on pipes in G of the Blanc/Dubois type, but in addition you are welcome to bring pipes in low D or C which can enable the pleasure of polyphonic work.

According as circumstances allow, the workshop can include the following elements:

1.    Learning tunes from English/British repertoire, both traditional and modern. We will work mainly by ear, and I will give music out at the end of the workshop.

2.    Working on technique appropriate to the above, not only from the point of view of ornamentation, but also to enhance expression.

3.    Depending on the instruments available it may be possible to work on polyphonic pieces in two or more parts.