Spielkurs Pipenbock 2024 - Kurswochenende für traditionelle Musik

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Ensemblekurs - Mike Simmonds -
                              Spielkurs Pipenbock

Mike Simmonds

.... is a Violinist, Nyckelharpist and Composer. Born and raised in Oxford, and now living in rural Sussex.
For over twenty years Mike has been touring and recording with acts such as: Alice Russell, Will Holland, Bonobo, Nick Cave and Levellers.

In between tours, Mike found time to Compose for ground-breaking site-responsive and outdoor theatre events with Periplum.

Mike is currently working with: Fell trio, Moulettes, The Mountain Firework Company and Improv pioneers The Adventurists.

with Fell Trio

Ensemblekurs 1
workshopsprache: Englisch und ein kleines bißchen Deutsch ;-)

Open your ears, eyes and heart and instrument cases. Let's spend a weekend doing my favourite thing, Ensemble playing. I am hoping, that after this week end it will be your favourite also... unless you know the joy already and that is why you are here.

As I am English, the music will be of that persuation, probably in D A or G.

I would be happy with beginners and confident players. There will be notation for those who need it but it's all about listening.

All instruments welcome, but if you are in key, bring an alternative. Be you  fiddle, harp, box or drum, lets rip some music apart and wrap ourselves in it.

Cant wait to see you all 😊