Spielkurs Pipenbock 2024 - Kurswochenende für traditionelle Musik

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                            Pipenbock 2024 - Maarten Decombel -

Maarten Decombel

... plays guitar and mandolin in bands like Naragonia Quartet, Snaarmaarwaar and MANdolinMAN. Hij sings in the band Spilar and he’s actually touring with the international cross-over project Sauvage, which is re-lecture of Rameau’s “Pièces De Clavecin” for a hybrid orchestra of musicians hailing from jazz, folk and classical music.

Ensemblekurs 2
workshopsprache: Englisch

During this ensemble workshop we will learn some of the finest melodies and most inspiring tunes from the wonderful world of folk and traditional music.

After learning the melody (by ear!) we will focus on the groove, character and ornamentations we need in order to forge everything into a swinging orchestra.

We will explore the underlying chords and harmonic structures together and from there we will explore what the lead melody is asking for: a smart bassline? A chaotic counter-voice? Some rhythmic extras? An open spot for a wild solo? No one knows where the journey will take us, but exactly thàt will make this workshop a fascinating trip.

In any case, arrangements are made based on the instruments/levels presented in the workshop, so we will always get a unique bandsound in which each musician has his own place.

Please note – This is a workshop for musicians who already have some experience and who can learn a melody by ear.