Spielkurs Pipenbock 2019 - Kurswochenende für traditionelle Musik

Kurse und Dozenten
Ort und Hinkommen
Schlafen und Essen

                            - Joel Turk - Spielkurs Pipenbock

Joel Turk

I started playing the Hurdy Gurdy twenty years ago. I was making a living busking, I had just spent a year studying Indian classical music, I was broke and somebody said that a hurdy gurdy was “a licence to print money”. They lied. What was true however is that it took me all over western Europe, playing at festivals, going to out of the way places and meeting musicians from all over the continent, swapping stories and music. I settled in France and spent a few years playing on the Bal circuit with Red Dog Green Dog, Zef and various ephemeral outfits whilst working as a hurdy gurdy teacher for the Ecole de Music et Danse des Landes.


workshopsprache: Englisch

When I teach I like to concentrate on left and right hand technique and tricks, how to put the two together and using traditional music as a springboard for improvisation. I believe that the inherent restrictions of the instrument are the key to it’s limitless potential.

In this workshop we will experiment with techniques to bring a more open minded and contemporary approach to playing the hurdy gurdy allowing us to bend the tradition to suit what ever music we want to make.

I will be playing on a D open hurdy gurdy, all instruments welcome but be prepared to be adaptable!