Spielkurs Pipenbock 2021 - Kurswochenende für traditionelle Musik

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                              Burgess- Kurs shanties singen - Spielkurs
                              Pipenbock 2021

Richard Burgess

.... is originally from England but has lived all his adult life in Norway where he works as a writer, a translator andas a singer and musician with a repertoire that draws on both English and Scandinavian traditions. Maritime songs are particular favourites and he performs both solo and in a variety of group constellations, including the shanty trio Foghorn, the Anglo-Swedish trio Doggerland and the Anglo-French-Norwegian folk quintet Five Men in a Boat. Richard has led shanty courses in Norway, Sweden and the UK.



workshopsprache Englisch

Shanties are work songs used to synchronize the many manual tasks on board a sailing ship – e.g. hoisting sails, heaving the anchor, pumping bilge from the hold. They are also great fun to sing, with powerful melodies and often colourful lyrics!

Richard Burgess’s course will focus on rhythm, drive and the simple use of harmony. As well as singing the choruses you will also have the chance to try your hand at being the “shantyman or -woman”.

On the way, we will also learn something about the cultural and historical context of the songs and how the different types of shanty were tailored to the task they had to perform. Most of the material will be in English, with one or two Scandinavian shanties - .

There will also be time to learn some “forebitters” – songs that off-duty sailors sang for their own enjoyment.

All the teaching will be done by ear (sailors didn’t read music!) and no prior knowledge or musical experience is required. The only prerequisite is to enjoy singing – loud!